Rose City, CA is a transmedia art brand about a California town and its people. Rose City, CA was created around the concept that the city grows with every piece. Each painting, zine, install and souvenir brings the constantly evolving city to life over time.

The inspiration for Rose City, CA is the idea of the California Dream. Through this lens we visually explore the lifestyle, values and culture of the Golden State.

Another theme explored is City Messaging. Rose City, CA examines how cities communicate with residents. We want to intitiate the conversation of how to fill our communities with “we” thinkers, not “me” thinkers.

Rose City, CA hopes to empower people through art while creating an idyllic world of diversity, inclusiveness and creativity.

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The Rose City Character Shop bridges the gap between the cartoon city and reality by bringing all of the residents of Rose City to life through installations. With these installs we hope to engage with people and communities in a positive way.

Character Shop Install at Clae‘s Our Favorite Shop
Los Angeles, 2019

With Rose City, CA artist Guy Long incorporates his favorite parts of growing up in the Los Angeles metropolitan area with a focus on his hometown of Pasadena. Rose City, CA started as a place where Guy could draw the world as he saw it and became a canvas to imagine what it could be.

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